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Teaching your puppy crate exercise is the first and best step in his life. It makes all the other steps in his exercise go so much smoother, much like a solid foundation makes for a a cut above wall. Establishing you as the Alpha associate of his "pack" is one very good basis for initial your puppy in a crate when he is very young.

Another argue for crate exercise is that dogs love predictability. To know what is going to ensue in any given circumstances makes him happy, and more apt to be the best-behaved dog he can perhaps be.

A biting crate is the very basis of good puppy training. A wire crate with a lock is the best kind. Make sure it is large an adequate amount of for him to stand up and turn around. But not so large that he can roam and wander around. A too-large crate will inhibit house breaking. A crate that is just the right size will be perceived as his "nest", where puppies never "go potty". They will learn to hold it if you don't make a prison out of it.

Never leave a puppy under 8 weeks longer than one hour in his crate. He will soil it, after struggling and distress as long as he can.

Put a nice pad in there with a bone. Start with insertion a tasty treat in there, he will go in and get it. Do this more than a few times devoid of finishing the door, let him come in and out generously for an hour or so. Praise him abundantly each time he goes in, make it all very pleasant.

Then when his awareness is on his treat, close the door. Praise him quietly, "What a good boy, it's ok, such a good boy!" In 10 or 20 seconds, no longer, let him out devoid of a word, no praise, just a pat. Do this for increasingly longer intervals, but do not give him a ability to get upset. You can do this more than a few times the first day.

Make sure every exercise meeting ends on a happy note, this is crucial.

Once he sees the crate is his own clandestine territory, he will go in there on his own, in the family way treats and your attention. When he does, say, "Wanna crate?" with a happy face while receiving his treats. Start departure the room while he is in there for 2 notes and onward, gradually. When you return, don't make a fuss, just walk over and open the crate. In 3 days he will be officially crate-trained, ready to be left alone for an hour, no longer at first. Leave him little by little longer, at a snail's pace and carefully.

Q. Why do I want a crate for my puppy?

A. For the reason that they love it is the best reason. They feel very safe and assured in there. Here are some more:

When you leave a puppy alone, he all the time has some appraise of separation anxiety. This leads him to any conduct that brings him comfort, which is chewing, digging, or when it is severe, voiding his bowels. When to be found in a crate, he feels safe for the reason that nonentity can get to him, nonentity can harm him. He will sleep and chew and wait for you to return.

Crate guidance is the first step in being able to leave him overnight at the vet. Exclusive of it he will cry the intact time, ambiance lost and abandoned. With crate training, he is sure you will return, you at all times do. Of course of action the vet's company is curious and will cause him some anxiety, but nonentity like the pure terror he will feel devoid of be subjected to in being safe in.

NOTE: About crate-training, do not make a prison of his crate. Do not use it as punishment. Do not leave him there for more than 2 hours, just time for a long puppy nap and some chew time. After that he will cry. Do not confiscate him while he is crying. This will make him think he has to cry to get out. No be important what, make sure he is being good when you open the door. He will learn he has to be quiet to get out.

Do not make a fuss when you are charter him out, just gently open the door and take him out to potty. When he potties, praise him to high heaven! Dogs as you would expect do not go where they nest, but every so often it happens. Do not scold, just clean it out with a bland face. He will learn the lesson. If possible, try to clean it while he is exterior so he income to a clean crate.

In 25 years of guidance dogs, I have never seen any one thing more dangerous for a dog's well-being than good crate training.

Dy Witt has shown, bred and taught average poodles for 25 years. The dog guidance fashion she uses has in progress her puppies off so well that the vets nad groomers of her sited pups have sent word back that they had never worked with happier more well-adjusted dogs in their careers. To read more, go to http://www. DogTraining15MinsaDay. com or email her at DogsLoveToWork@aol. com


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