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Grocery Supplies could use some superior Dog Food Isles. Not since there are more brands of Dog Food. Not as there are more Pets. Not since there are more items for sale. The basis is that the level of attribute of food Americans are ingestion these days is less than that of dog food. Have you freshly read the ingredients of the food you are eating, with all the chemicals in it? The ingredients and chemicals on some of these labels definitely is not fit for human consumption.

Nor would you feed such food to your best acquaintance and four-legged companion; at least I hope you wouldn't. But we all have tossed our dogs scraps from time to time, stuff that cannot probably be good for them, as their evolutionary food materials came from belongings they ate, not processed crap and substance laden foods. Their systems are not set up to eat such things. Now, then so far you have not said a word, you have read this commentary and approved with it for the most part, sleepy your head. So then do you awe why humans who eat this food, are over weight, having shape issues and are discovery themselves at odds with their ambitions and life goals? Why they lack the energy to press on, or be converted into exhausted when a task needs to get done? Could it be the food we are eating? Consumption food that taste good from that exceptional blend of chemicals to spike the taste buds, to the point we no longer smell the food we eat and easily wait for that perceived sugar flavor, which is not sugar at all really, just more simulated chemicals that appears to be sugar.

If we put all the food which has all this stuff in it in the dog food isle, then there would be 22 isles of dog food and 5 isles of real food and of choice we would all know what side of the store to shop on to stay good for your health and fit. Think on this.

"Lance Winslow" - If you have innovative opinion and distinctive perspectives, come think with Lance; www. WorldThinkTank. net/wttbbs


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