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Ph levels in the discus tank - pets


Because it is imperative that discus fish have optimal water conditions, much has been printed about this subject, This is the plan put in place to assure accurate PH water levels in our hatchery.

Allnut Enterprises' breeder, Nick Lockhart of Noblesville, Indiana, has many ingenious ideas as to how to accomplish belongings in the hatchery. We begin our conduct test with two matched pairs: two red melons, and two leopardskins. They are lovely, gracious fish, and have been receiving acclimated to our tanks and the aquarist since the end of June.

Initially, we begin to get ready for the new arrivals by background up the tanks in this manner: water was veteran for PH and nitrite levels, and a appropriate ecological unit for dynamic bacteria was begin by populating the tank with cichlids that Nick has been raising prior to the acquisition of the discus. When we felt that the water/bacteria levels were correct, we set up the conference with the breeder, and made the trip to Bloomington, Indiana.

Upon arrival at home base with a go time of about an hour and a half, we directly begin to adjust the pairs to their new home. We were advised by the breeder to let them acclimatize to the new tank water by "floating" the bags containing the fish for approximately one hour to level the temperatures, and to add a cup of water to the bag from the tank to level PH levels.

We did not, however, abide by this procedure. We took approximately six hours to adapt by adding up a cup of the tank water to the bag each hour, and care a close eye on the discus and PH levels, since they were stressed from the trip. A Hanna PH digital meter was used for testing, which gave us a very correct reading. As large changes in PH in a short age can shock the discus, we were alert in this approach. Our water at the time matched the water in PH levels from the breeder closely.

Because the two pair were bought for breeding purposes, Nick was not comfortable with the PH level, which at that time was at approximately 7. 5, high for optimal breeding situation of 6. 5-6. 9. What to do?

We had read that execution a mesh bag of peat moss would help to lower the PH, but were not happy with the idea of having flotsam and jetsam from the Peat in our tanks, which are kept meticulously clean. We knew there had to be a advance way to accomplish this goal.

Because Nick lives in town, and has city water, he uses a Back Osmosis filtering approach to cover that the water is free of chemicals and appropriate for the aquarium. Calculating that Peat Moss will lower the PH in an aquarium system, and having a large bag left over from creation cultivation for Grindal and White Worms, he took a 5 gallon pail, and drilled a run of holes about the edge of the foot of the pail, using a 3/32" drill. He then lined the bed of the pail with a think layer of conventional aquarium filter floss, and topped that off with a thick layer of Peat Moss, with the complete pail being about two-thirds full.

The channel hose from the RO approach was then acceptable to drain into this pail. Locale the pail over the top of the land tank, the water leisurely drained down all the way through this average into the land tank.

Initial test of the recycled water showed a drop in PH to below the base of 7. 0. We have been accumulation the water to the discus tanks gradually by means of water changes so as to not shock the fish, and at our affair business meeting this weekend, Nick clued-up me that the PH levels in the discus tanks are now at approximately 6. 6, which is the optimal level for breeding discus.

Cost of the project? If you before now are using an RO system, and have a property tank, you will spend a twenty buck bill in receipt of the Peat Moss and filter floss. Not bad, making an allowance for a breeding pair of dicus can run you $425 dollars!

Alden Smith is CEO of Allnut Enterprises, a diversified company, and is caught up with discus breeding. His website is http://www. kingdiscus. blogspot. com


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