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Raw feed? are you joking? - pets


Let's think about this for a minute: God did not blueprint our animals to eat pre-packaged, kibble or pellet-like food. In the wild, dogs don't tell each other, "Hey, I'm hungry, let's go to the pet food store and grab us some lunch. " As if!

No, together, they go out and hunt down their food, then dig right in while it's still warm. Sorry about the diagrammatic image, but well, that's description for you! They also do not stoke up a campfire and sit about singing Kum Bi Ya while the meat gets cooked. Nope they just have at it in the biological raw form.

Now you might be thinking, "Yeah but that's wild animals, not our sweet kitties and dogs. " Think again. They are and will all the time be carnivores. They need raw meat and bones to be good for your health with a fully supported immune system. Also the raw, non-weight air bones such as the shoulders and backs give dogs and cats strong, clean white teeth eliminating the need for dentals done under anesthesia at a veterinarian's office, a bit that is not only much riskier but much more classy than feeding your dogs and cats what they were deliberate to eat: meat.

Your other pets such as horses, guinea pigs, birds and rabbits also need actual raw food in order to thrive. They do not exploration for pellets, let me tell you. Many birds are omnivorous so they'll eat fruits, veggies and meat. While our other furry and feathered acquaintances need to eat fresh fruits and vegetables.

Kim Christopher states, "Proper diet is among the more crucial considerations in the physical condition maintenance of your pet and central in the management of many diseases. To feed correctly, a awareness of nutritional nutrients and their availability is important. "

And Dr. Russell Swift,"Carbohydrates are not considered necessary by dogs(or cats). Carnivores cannot be adamant long term fabrication of the capacity of amylase enzyme compulsory to accurately digest and exploit the carbohydrates. In addition, the proteins in grains are less digestive than beast proteins. As a result, the immune arrangement becomes aggravated and undermined by the invasion of foreign, non-nutritive protein and carbohydrate particles. "

So just what do you think most packaged pet foods regularly know as premium kibble contain? Grains. Byproducts. Toxic preservatives.

The ask would then arise, if pet food manufacturers know this (they must since they're in affair to know) why are these effects added to our pet food and why are we told that these packaged foods are so good? Even our mainstream veterinarians are advertising these foods to us.

Good questions. Part of the basis is since it's cheaper to use grains and byproducts. Byproducts can be everything we'd as usual throw out such as beaks, feathers, feet/hooves, euthanized animals, road kill, you name it. It all gets rendered and added into our packaged pet foods.

Oh but it gets better. These foods are then baked. Here is what Dr. Betty Lewis acknowledged on her website, "What's wrong with business foods? The digit one item which makes business foods inappropriate for pets is that these foods are cooked. No one has ever reported considering wild animals routinely barbecuing their meals! Raising the heat of food above 118F destroys all the enzymes and many of the nutrients. "

To top it all off, in order to be able to say that these advertisement foods have all the desirable nutrients in them, they SPRAY on the nutrients. To get more fine points on this pick up the book by Ann Martin, Foods Pets Die For.

One of the best equipment you can do if you're bemused about how to get on track feeding your pets a actual diet is to first find a holistic veterinarian in your area and then find out what is apt for your pet. Homeopathic and holistic vets actually adhere and promote the absolute biological lifestyle for your pets and can help you put at once a diet that will give your pet what he/she needs for full food support.

All the tribulations we're considering in our pets: allergies, skin disorders, cancer, diabetes, quill plucking, pulling out furr, etc. , can approximately alway be attributed to poor sustenance AND to food allergies. Their immune systems are compromised since they are not receiving an adequate amount food to aid themselves which then weakens their immune system. Then we see disease. If the immune arrangement is not supported properly, disease gets a front door appreciate into your pets bodies.

So if you want to start as your pets live healthier, longer lives and also deeply bring down your vet bills, then button to a natural, raw food diet. Your pets will love you for it!

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About the Author:
Kim Bloomer is a artless pet care guru portion pet owners learn to care for their pets all through natural, holistic means. Disease prevention is her goal to help pet owners lower their pet care costs and broaden the lives of their pets. Visit her website Aspenbloom Pet Care and her dog's blog barkin' about biological pet care from a canine perspective Bark 'N' Blog

Look for Kim's new book on biological dog fitness with Dr. Jill Elliot, DVM due for announce bounce 2006.


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