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No more stillborn kittens ? know how to care for a pregnant cat - pets


'I named all kittens, while they were all stillborn. ' 'My pregnant cat has a bloody vaginal discharge. ' 'I had a litter of five, but only one kitten survived. '

These are only a few of the horror stories I conventional the past weeks. Cat lovers that had hoped for a fit litter, rapidly found themselves with stillborn kittens or an ill nurse cat.

There's a lot that can go wrong when cats are pregnant or give birth, even when most cats carry lacking major problems.

Among the dozens of achievable complications are infections in the womb, death of the fetuses, spontaneous abortion, advancement of fetuses external the womb, suffocation of a kitten right after birth, kittens that get stuck in the birth canal . . . it's a long list.

For knowledgeable breeders and particular vets it's easy to acknowledge such problems. But clothes are assorted for a common pet lover. Many female cats have only one litter at some point in their life.

Some citizens rush off to the vet when their pregnant cat is only a barely tired of on foot around. Others wait too long for the reason that they are naive of the discharge from their cat's vagina. Or they don't know how to cut an umbilical cord exclusive of causing a heavy bleeding.

Where it all comes down to, is this: if you know how to admit complications, you can do a lot to avert the worst. Since a vet might not even be de rigueur then - which is not only good news for your cat, but also for your budget.

And if you have the right skills, you can save a kitten's life when a bit goes wrong at some stage in birth. Yes, even you can acquire these skills!

Time is of the essence with most health check issues. But when you have a pregnant pet, educating manually is just as important.

Spend time on analysis about pregnancy in cats. Talk with a expert breeder. Ask your vet for assistance once you achieve your cat is pregnant.

Don't sit back and think all goes well. With a hardly time and effort, you can save manually and your cat a devastating experience.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Journalist and long-time cat lover Marc de Jong is the dramatist of How To Take Care Of Your Pregnant Cat, a inimitable ebook that tells you all about pregnant cats, birth and raising kittens. Read more here: http://www. pregnant-cat-care. com


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