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Small dog breeds are great pets, but since their personalities are all different, it's a good idea to look at their characteristic characteristics to see if they fit with your lifestyle.


Pomeranians residential from a much bigger dog breed and seem to have retained the ease up character. They are good with kids if they have been raised with them from puppyhood. They are full of beans and active. They tend to bark and command daily grooming.


Chihuahuas are an appealing small breed. I have raised more than a few herds - and that is a good word for a group of chihuahuas - and their temperment is a bit assorted from other small dogs. They can be very aggressive towards other dog breeds. I adopted one chihuahua who kept attacking a German Drive who after all bit her. After she got out of the hospice she went after him again. I ended up with her as she wasn't going to quit attacking superior dogs. Some chihuahuas will growl and nip at small children. Good points - chihuahuas are very loyal and affectionate. They don't command as much apply as other small breeds so they make ideal pets for high-rise dwellers or older people. They are good with cats.

Boston Terrier:

Good with family and other animals, the Boston terrier is a good small dog for families. They are apt for any lifestyle. They can be aggressive chewers. Their short coat is easy to keep clean.

Jack Russell Terrier:

This dog breed is only for the most effective owners. They love to chase balls, can hop onto a table with ease and can be aggressive if not qualified properly. Very bright and lively, they compel a lot of concentration and discipline.


This small dog breed can be very caring of its owner. It is not as it should be for families with brood as they are very fragile.

Shitzu or Shih tzu:

Good natured and non-aggressive, these gracious diminutive dogs make great breed pets. They command daily coiffure but their hair is non-shedding. Good with other animals.

Bichon Frise:

These hardly dogs make good children pets. They are good with brood as well as other animals. Very intelligent, easy to train and lively. Their coat doesn't shred.


Not a hound but a terrier bred to go after vermin, the breed is lively and affectionate. Good with children members but will befall aggressive to offspring beyond the family. They make good watchdogs and will bark commonly to alert their owners.


Very fierce and loyal, these barely dogs are not good about offspring or other animals. These are good dogs for the elderly. Their coats compel a good deal of grooming.

Skye Terrier:

Great with children, okay with other dogs but not tolerant of cats. This distinctive breed makes a fine pet. Cynical of strangers.

The next step after selecting a breed is to find a honest breeder. To get more information, visit us at www. dog-match. com/small-dog-breeds

Pat Schraier has not only owned chihuahuas but a cocker spaniel, a dachshund, a black lab, a boxer, and a terrier mix. Visit the website http://www. dog-match. com for breed information, shape care and other resources.


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