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Tips on sexing discus fish - pets


Do you have some adult discus fish and want to know whether they are male or female. In this critique I'm going to share with you some of the tips and techniques you can use to clarify the gender of your discus or those you wish to buy.

First of all, know that these are only guides and they are not at all times 100% accepted as in some state of affairs females have male characteristics and males have female ones.

Here are ways to affect the sex of your discus

1, The dorsal and anal fins

Take a good look at the dorsal and anal fins of your discus. Are they rounded or are they pointed. Males tend to have incisive dorsal and anal fins or from time to time have extensive advance on the end rear of the dorsal fin. Females tend to have rounds rear fins.

2, The colour and configuration of your discus

Please look at the colour and configuration of your discus fish, contrast them to one an added in the tank. Some fish will expectantly have more intense colour and some discus will have more pattern. Male discus fish tend to have less intense colour but have more archetype while the female tends to be more colourful but with slighter pattern.

3, Size of the discus

Compare the size of your discus. Male discus tend to be superior than the females but the size can also depend on whether the fish was diminutive or are just small in genetic make up.

I hope these three tips have helped you to sex your discus and will help you when selecting adult discus fish from a shop or dealer.

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