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Just how old is your dog really? More than possible you know the dogs age in years, or at least have an approximation of its age, but do you certainly have any idea how old it may be- chronologically speaking?

I'm sure you've heard of the old "seven year theory". You know, the approach where each year of a dog or cats life is the corresponding of 7 of ours. An illustration of this thinking would be that a 1 year old dog would be the age and developmental equal of a 7 year old person. Now just how many 7 year old kids do you know that are sexually mature -and able to reproduce? A cat or dog is much more apt to have a litter when it is one year or younger, or at the other extreme,ten years or older, than is a human who is under the age of seven or over the age of seventy! This arrangement was simple- but too simple. Many colonize today may still use these calculations when advent to some idea of their pets sequential age. Still, due to examples like the one above you can see why this most clear-cut of systems is not accepted today.

In the early 1950's a French veterinarian, Monsieur LeBeau, formulated an added system to adopt this problem. In LeBeau's system, a dog/cat of 1 year in age became the alike of a 15 year old person- due to the onset of teenage years in each species. The agree with year of a dog/cats life became the corresponding of a 24 year old person- someone/ a bit that has reached full maturity. After two, each year of an animals life would equal 4 years of human life.

Pop quiz time! Just how old would a 6 year old cat "really" be using this newer system? According to the LeBeau theory, the dog/cat would be the comparable of a 40 year old person. Remember, 24+ (4*4)= 40. How about a 10 year old dog? If you came up with 56 then you were correct! It is attractive to note that dogs and cats move up this newer age scale at the same rate until they reach the age of 14. At that time the rates begin to be at variance among dogs and cats compared in human age terminology. This chart would work quite well for a dog or cat having an be around life expectancy(ALE) of 14 years. As we all know, oftentimes animals,as do people, may exceed the ALE which would call for further culture of this age formula. For this we need to be aware of amazing called the greatest extent life span(MLS). Basically, the arithmetic mean life expectation is the amount of years a person, animal, etc. may logically anticipate to live. The MLS on the other hand, is the genetically based greatest age ahead of which no affiliate of that species may live.

Now, with that in mind, be concerned about this addition to the first age chart. A human maximum life span is close to 110 years. A cats greatest life span is about the mid-30's, while a dogs greatest extent life span is about 29. So, just how do you analyze a cat or dogs age who lives past the 14 year mark? In this event, each year of life past 14 for a dog would equal 2 1/2 human years, and only 2 for a cat. Due to hot do research it has been found that many times an being may live past his ALE when given superior care, activity, collective and psychological stimulation. If we analyze the oldest active dogs on record, we can begin to see that most had a regular moderate bring to bear agenda that built-in differing levels of psychological and common stimulation.

Currently, the oldest breathing dog on best worked as a herding dog in Australia(29 years old). The runner-up, a mere 27 years of age, was a Lab who lived in the home of a game keeper in England. Other illustrious notables comprise Higgins, the terrier on Petticoat Junction and the Beverly Hillbillies(20); Pal, the collie who on track the role of Lassie(18);and,last but definitely not least, Rin Tin Tin, movie star and German Shepherd who lived to be at least 16 years of age.

The subsequent charts will show you just how LeBeaux theories work when determining the age of your pet. We hope this background is of help to you in the future.


Cat/Dog Human















AGE Cats/Humans Dogs/Humans

15------------74--------------------74. 5


17------------78--------------------79. 5


19------------82--------------------84. 5


21------------86--------------------89. 5


23------------90--------------------94. 5


25------------94--------------------99. 5


27------------98--------------------104. 5


29-----------102-------------------109. 5






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