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The trick of "sitting up" is by far skilled to small dogs, but be supposed to try not be integrated in a big dog's education, as it is awkward for them to care for their balance.

The exercise of meeting up is one of the first tricks to teach and forms the foundation for many other dog tricks. To train a dog to sit up, cook some treats as a reward, and set your dog on his haunches in a corner, so that he cannot fall any backward or sideways and has very diminutive or no space to lose balance.

Keep him from headfirst ahead by land one hand under his chin and with the other hand hold the treat above his nose and keep repeating definitely and cautiously say, "sit up. " Do not make him sit up too long at any one time, but go over the example commonly and reward him often with ample of praise and treats.

During his first example he will command great assistance from your hand to avoid him from headfirst forward, but as he gets check of the balancing muscles and understands what you want, he will depend less and less upon your hand to keep him in arrangement and you can in stages render him less assistance until you will only have to keep one hand in attitude two or three inches from his neck or chin, so as to be ready to foil him plunging forward; later on you can extract this hand completely and easily hold the treat just above the level of his head.

By continual attempt he will sit up well after you set him up; then he must be set up adjacent to the wall, so as to come up with the money for him a assist for his back only, and after he has been well schooled at this and can keep his arrangement easily, attempt him aligned with chair legs, cushions or other bits and pieces that allow him less and less assistance, until after all he learns to care for his compare and sits up not including something to lean against.

During all these schooling the words "sit up" have been impressed upon his mind by common repetition, and now comes the final message to teach him to sit up as soon as he hears the words, and the probability are, if he has been attentively drilled, it will be de rigueur only to call him out in the room, show him a treat, hold it up a apposite detach from the floor, say "sit up" and he will do so, when he ought to be given the treat while still in position.

The only must to perfection is to apply him a number of times a day until he will sit up at the word and devoid of being shown a reward; that can be given him after he has obeyed.

You have now a foundation for many other tricks. He can be qualified to beg by heartbreaking your hand up and down just in front of his paws, which he will move in agreement with yours. He can also be qualified to address by bringing one paw up to the side of his head, or to hold a inexpressive pipe in his mouth, or to wear a cap on his head or other articles of exhausting apparel.

In credo a dog to agree to to being dressed up, do not challenge to get him to wear too many clothes at once; try him at first with a cap and after he becomes accustomed to that you can put on a coat and in stages accustom him to the other clothing articles.

Enjoy doctrine your dog the "sit up" trick and most outstandingly have fun along the way!

About the Author:
Moses Chia is a dog lover and owner of DogsObedienceTraining. com - The dog guidance source site for a happier and healthier dog.

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