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Dog jewelry: a celebration of mans best acquaintance - pets


"Dogs are our link to paradise. They don't know evil or distrust or discontent. To sit with a dog on a hillside on a glorious hours of daylight is to be back in Eden, where doing nil was not boring--it was peace. " - Milan Kundera

The idea of bearing costume jewelry with dog motifs may seem astonishing to most people. The dog is as usual not everywhere near as beautiful as the cat or the dolphin, which both make for brilliant earrings patterns, indeed. But the allure of dog charms may amazement some, and the beauty that comes with the designs in dog bracelets would catch even gem-lovers off-guard.

Why wear dog jewelry? Well, it could be for a array of reasons. Dogs have befall the complete badge of allegiance and total affection. If you ever met a being who was so dyed-in-the-wool to whatever thing -- in love or at work -- odds are that character is also a dog-lover. There are schooling you learn from charge dogs, and among them are kindness and patience, fierce protectiveness, as well as depth in the face of adversity.

In antique Egypt, Anubis, the dog-headed god of embalming, was held in high consider as the conductor of the criminal -- the one who saw the dead off to their final resting places. Anubis comes connected with death, and the sight of a dog, jackal or wolf head have come to be connected with death as well. Men have in fact opted for dogs as mannish symbols, denoting territorialism and acute survival instinct. After all, dogs have been known to continue because of the toughest circumstances, and this in itself cancels out the idea of dogs as "death-bringers. "

Toughness and devotion are the main virtues coupled with dogs. On the current media front, Lassie has perpetuated the image of the companion that's smarter than your everyday human, and is for that reason loads more useful, if not also loads more affectionate. Old Yeller has also educated us about how sheer authenticity is at times a sufficient amount to get you by means of the most difficult situations.

Dog earrings is not exclusively for humans to wear -- there are dog collar charms, too! In fact, pet and owner can have matching charms: one charm in the master/mistress' bracelet, and a analogous one on the pet's collar.

If you are a dog lover, try out dog jewelry! Show the world your appreciation of the noble heritage of man's best friend!

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