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Internet Fraud, Classifieds Scams, Abuse and Suspicious Replies are world wide issues that have be converted into extensive in targeting sellers and buyers all over the place individually on the Internet. Often this involves buyers from Nigeria, Africa, Holland and other countries. In fresh years, online Pet Classifieds scams have amplified and have exaggerated many people.

Online classifieds scams pose threats to both sellers and buyers.

Posing As A Seller:

A Anyone can post an ad for a puppy that only exist in the item description. Actually, peddler doesn't have the puppy that he/she is frustrating sell or give away. Merchant will then ask for money and refer them to the shipping business who is aimed to send the puppy to the buyer. Buyer waits for few days and contacts the seller, but no answer. Tries again for duo of more days. . no answer. At length buyer decides to call the shipping circle with the character reference add up to for the puppy. Shipping ballet company replies that they don't have something connected to this character reference digit or it is not for your puppy. Buyer loses money.

Posing As A Buyer:

A scammer can pose as a buyer of a puppy and contacts the seller. Buyer is acute to buy and accepts your programmed price and bring to mind that his/her agent will pick up the puppy with a check that is more than the asking price. In return, they ask buyer to take total for the item, get left behind quantity and give a fake cashier's check. Hawker will lose the puppy and the money.

Check any websites who have classifieds, if they don't have a alarm about online scams, they must have!

There are ways you can care for physically from these scams, visit our Scam Alert page on http://www. petboro. com/scam. aspx where you can find examples of scams and emails and list of known scammer emails that citizens have reported to us.

Courtesy of Petboro. com


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