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My love of livestock began at the age of 11 when I worked every summer at a ranch. My twin brother and I would walk about ten miles a day in circles attractive family on pony rides. I had never certainly belief much about cattle already that but I was soon hooked for life.

Interestingly I found out years later that my husband's name, Philip, in fact means 'love of horses' in Greek.

I, like so many others, naked the beauty and aptitude and bright link you can have with horses. They have their own personalities like we do, and if you care to exceedingly look, you'll see they convey a wide range of emotions. They can be blissfully prancing, irately stomping, they can display sadness, and even apathy and defeat. How a horse reacts is indomitable by how we treat and care for them.

During one of my summers, there was one pony in distinct that was compliant with colonize riding him when he had a burden on his back, but woe be it to any person who would try to ride him bareback. I found out the hard way when at the end of the day, I took off his load and hopped on. Ahead of a person could say anything, he was off, bucking wildly and frustrating to bite my legs. I hung on for dear life (it was my first come across being bucked). Of course of action in the end, he got me off by slamming me into a tree. I had a black-and-blue leg for weeks. That same week I realized he was out to get me! He demonstrated quite a bit of cunning and would out of the blue arrange out and kick me as I walked past or if I got near he would try to bite me. I realized for the first time that livestock were not just work animals and that he was expressing his anger with me. I was amazed and residential a new- found respect. I resolved to confirm a relationship, and by the summers end, we were effective as a team. There was no more kicking or biting.

Throughout history, livestock have been loved and valued by pharaohs and kings alike. There is demonstrate of disciplined cattle going back thousands of years. In fact, in antediluvian Egypt, it is accepted wisdom that farm animals were treated develop than the Egyptians and that they would even be fed already the Pharaoh himself. This was due to the antiquated Arabian livestock incredible beauty, speed and fortitude and having saved many lives all through war. This being could bear up the bleakness of the desert and be adamant its beauty and strength.

The Lipizzan Mount is an added incredible beauty, powerful, yet compliant horse. It was said that this was the horse Napoleon decide to ride for the duration of war. He was not a large man; for that reason his mare was bred to jump above-board up in the air so that he could get a change for the better view of what was going on in the field below.

There are so many altered breeds of horses, and they are being bred for assorted things, speed, beauty, work etc. To me they are beautiful, even spiritual and I know there are so many others out there that feel the same as I do. There are even many exquisite horse posters obtainable to adorn ones walls. I think this next of kin of man and horse will at all times be there. Enjoy them! I sure do.

Willie Jones

Willie Jones is a irregular writer, researcher, flower-patterned designer, and artist. "When Art Inspires, Dreams can Develop into Reality". http://www. artinspires. com "Make sure you put your name down in the free motivational poster drawing. All winners accept a free framed print. "


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