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So you have a mature pair of discus fish that have shown an activity in each other but there not laying any eggs.

The most central cause in discus breeding in the water quality, make sure it is soft, sour and clean. If you have this water, your most possible stressing over why there isn't hundreds of eggs in the tank. If you have discus ready to lay eggs there are a few ways in which you can give them a portion hand.

The first way you can tempt them to lay is to feed a rich diet of frozen bloodworms for about a week. Feed it everyday as well as their other meal. This ought to clause the female and get her ready to breed. Other foods that are good for breeding discus are white worm, adult brine shrimp and chopped up crab brushwood or prawns. Make sure you buy frozen food as there is less accidental of disease.

Another way to egg on your discus to breed is by doing a 25% water adjust but drop the hotness by a connect of degrees of the water going in. This imitates there artless environment and can trigger spawning. This is a a small amount trick I use on all my young pairs when annoying to get them to spawn. Make sure all the pH and rigidity is the same construction only the hotness different.

The third trick in being paid your discus to breed is by separating them for a fasten of days ahead of reintroducing them. To do this you can add a tank barrier or move the male to a further aquarium. Make sure the female gets a load to eat when the male is away. When you reintroduce the discus just keep a close watch over the next 24 hours as males have known to be aggressive towards the female. They must start the courtship over the next duo of days and with a bit of luck lay eggs after.

There are more ways to egg on your discus to breed as well as many more tips on breeding and caring for discus fish on my site www. discus-fish-secrets. com

Rob owns Discus Fish Secrets website portion begginners and cutting edge fishkeepers with discus tribulations plus charge and breeding them. Delight visit the site for more in rank on breeding discus.


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