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Just as humans allergies can show up as a sneeze or rash, your dog's allergies can clear as inflammation -- or even ear infections. In fact, if your dog's allergic to his food, it can cause him to cut himself constantly, even with no apparent scrounger problem.

Dog allergies hardly ever get solved with medicine, so the best we can do for our four-footed links is focus on prevention. On condition that the right type of food is critical to stopping your dog's scratching habit.

Many associates like to share their food with their dogs or let them help "clean up" the kitchen after a meal. Barely do they know, their dogs just may not be able to take the tasty food we love so much, and some breeds (like the greyhound) are awfully sensitive. Even conventional foods like cheese, beef sausage and tuna may cause allergic reactions in some dogs. So it's best to let dogs enjoy dog food and not human food, even all the same they evidently adore and want what we're eating!

Narrowing Down the Problem

To clarify the exact ingredients your dog is allergic to, try an exclusion diet. Even if powerful, it also requires patience. In fact, the eradication diet can call for eliminating certain food for up to 12 weeks ahead of you'll advertisement the effects. And if you still haven't found the right (and wrong) ingredients, you'll have to do again the course all over again.

So is there an another to the lengthy purging diet? Yes -- give your dog a brand or type of food he's never eaten before. But basically varying to a new brand of dog food might not be a sufficient amount to eliminate his food allergies, since many brands control comparable ingredients. Instead, study the free ingredients your dog is drinking to clarify which types of protein basis he hasn't been exposed to. Then, hunt for a dog food that doesn't be full of any of the ingredients you saw listed. For example, there are many brands of dog food that contains abnormal protein sources such as rabbit or beef -- great for hard allergic reactions to other, more collective proteins.

Perhaps the best way for you to get charge of dog's allergies is to whip up your own dog food. That way, you'll know accurately what he's receiving and what he isn't -- a touch that's awfully hard to tell from conception the back of a dog food bag. Construction your own food is exceptionally caring in purging diets. To start, bloc a portion of rice with baby food and lamb -- so long as your dog isn't previously drinking lamb and perhaps displaying a corollary to it.

Dog food allergies are a distinctive acclimatize that can be frustrating and take patience to solve. Since allergic reactions don't dissolve overnight, you'll need lots of time and attention to detail to help your dog overcome this badly behaved -- but his goofy smile and those scratch-free days ahead will in all probability make it all worth it.

About the Author

Blake Kritzberg is landowner of Poodle-oo: Fashion for Toy Dogs. Stop by for toy dog couture and home decor, free dog postcards and the Toy Dog Blog.

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