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Your dog seems to be energetic you up the wall lately, exhibiting acute activities tribulations -- and no sum of verbal alteration seems to work. She chews the furniture, gnaws on shoes, turns over the trash cans, howls and barks when you're not around, or even seems exceedingly depressed when you come home.

There could be many reasons for activities tribulations such as these, but likelihood are that your dog just misses you too much, and is presentation she's bored and lonely. This is in particular true if you only have one dog in the house and she's home alone while you work.

One answer to the catch is to try to keep your dog entertained while you are gone. Get a bone or a Kong chew toy, so she'll have a challenge for when you're not around. A new tactic is to turn on the radio so she'll hear human voices. Puppies counter above all well to this; it seems to reassure them much like an concrete human presence. Also, if you can lend her a worn shirt, try departure this in your dog's bed so that your smell cadaver even when you aren't there.

Discourage Destructive Behavior

In cases of destructive activities problems, it pays to adjust your dog directly when you catch her chewing your furniture or charming out her frustrations on your belongings. Be attentive at first -- immediate criticism is much easier for your dog to appreciate than corrections a detailed or two later. When you catch her, rush to your dog's side, grab her by the back of her neck and give her a firm "No!"

This ought to let her know she's done wrong, but if you catch your dog doing it again, some owners may want to roll up 10 to 20 sheets of newspaper and give her a mild whack on the thigh. This won't hurt her, but the sound will seem threatening and loud.

I used to come home to the cadaver of a stack of mail, ripped to shreds by my dog. I knew that she'd in all probability done it hours ago, so to boost the recall of the damaging behavior, I grabbed some of the mail, put it near her mouth and voiced a firm "No!" She in rags the mail a few more times, but each time I armored with "No!" and she soon got the message, to our mutual happiness.

Help Your Pup Feel "Up"

Are you live with and conversation to your dog when you come home? Doing so can make a great discrepancy to her feelings. Just like us, dogs want to be acknowledged and fussed over when we're around. Dogs being such communal animals, it doesn't work if we only feed and walk them and close the eyes to them the rest of the time. If we can't spend some condition time with our pets, we might as well not have them at all.

If you can find the money for it and your dog is alone, give acute brain wave to in receipt of another. This worked well for me -- after my back up dog came into the picture, my first curved into an angel, and has stayed that way ever since -- which is to say, I have a happier dog!

If a agree with dog just isn't an choice for you, you could also spend a a small amount more time bonding with your dog by enrolling both of you in an deference class. This way, you'll learn more charge and cooperation concerning your four-footed friend. You may even find your dog more relaxed and beat behaved, as the instruction puts you in a dominant light and takes the anxiety off her to lead the household "pack". Plus, your dog gets a accidental to meet other dogs. You'll soon announcement how eager she is for the next class!

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