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This has been one of the most gratifying adventures I have ever volunteered to do. First, let me tell you just a hardly bit about my two dogs, a short diminutive Bio on each. There are cinema on my dog therapy page.

Benny, my black lab, is about 5 years old now. (I never seem to commit to memory closely how old he is. ) Benny is a breathtaking dog (even all the same he likes to steal my pillows). He loves visiting our links in the home. Clearly, this is where he loves to be.

Then there is Nikki, my 2 year fair-haired puppy. Nikki is a archetypal 2 year golden. She is full of life. She keeps me hopping. And, just like Benny, she brings pure gold to our friends. Benny and Nikki are on my dog therapy page.

It has been an exceedingly busy summer so far. Unfortunately, with work demanding more and more of my time, and with home issues demanding more and more of my time, my volunteering has erstwhile this summer. This has formed a void in me.

The one thing I have cultured about this circumstances is how much I love the dog therapy visiting programs.

Benny has been a visiting dog for a add up to of years now. We have all the time gone to the same home, so we have made many amazing friends.

Well, after my "sabbatical" I went and took Benny to see our boss acquaintances last Saturday Night. This was an impulsive visit. I could have cried. They were so very happy to see him again (not me so much). We had a "Benny" party in the lobby.

What a brilliant time my Benny had. Of course! All was petting him, and chatting to him. Wow, he was being treated like royalty. A true associate come home.

It was just great to see this joy. We all talked and laughed and joked. Each talked about their summer, how they were doing, what was going on in their own world. I felt develop then I had for a long time. My new resolve is to go back to my weekly visits. I do not want to miss out on these opportunities anymore.

So, my advice, as constantly is: If you have the inclination to visit with seniors, if you have a dog that loves to be petted, a dog that loves the human touch, then delight go to your local Dog Therapy Group and find out how you can join this brilliant work. It is not challenging to get your dog certified.

The three most well known organizations that offer certification; Delta Society, Therapy Dog Worldwide and Therapy Dogs, Inc. There are other therapy organizations and you may find an association in your area via the internet under dog therapy, pet therapy or being assisted therapy.

And, for us Canadians, there is, Remedial Paws of Canada (my dogs be in the right place to this amazing group). They offer a volunteer based therapy dog and cat visitation curriculum for senior's services such as retirement homes, tending homes, Alzheimer day away centers, hospitals and where there is a need. The health company has long acclaimed the considerable payback of a therapy dog and cat program. The petting and stroking of a pet helps to calm the most frantic local and stimulates amazing conversations about the pet they once owned. Recovery from surgery is quoted as being accelerated when there is continuous commerce with a pet. As a answer of the many command financial cutbacks, the facility's staff is stretched to their limits. The affirmative bearing of our programme on the day-to-day life of each boss all over our cooperation and afar cannot be calculated.

There are more links on my individual dog therapy page: http://www. mimfreedom. com/dogtherapy. htm

My name is Ruth Bird, and I am the owner of 3 dogs, 2 are Registered Therapy Visiting Dogs, my third dog is blind. My passions are physical condition for associates and pets and promoting a happy, good for your health and wealthy lifestyle. As an owner of 3 healthy, happy dogs, I am very much complex in dog training, diet and health. You will find links to many dog allied sites on my dog therapy page.

http://www. mimfreedom. com/dogtherapy. htm


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