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Interacting with a pet bird beyond of it's cage is one of the joys of existing with a bird, but the home that is safe for us, may not be so safe for our feathered friends. The diminutive day to day effects that we take for decided can injure or kill a bird in the blink of an eye.

Ceiling fans are so collective in homes these days we barely take advertisement of them. It's easy to not recall they are even on sometimes. If your bird can fly, it can fly into the fan. The rotating blades can by a long shot mean a quick death. When interacting with a bird beyond of it's cage, play it safe and turn off the ceiling fan!

Non-stick covered pans have made clean-up in the kitchen a breeze, but an hot under the collar covered pan releases fumes that are toxic to your bird. Contemporary studies have shown that even a moderately heated pan can still emit fumes, so just common cooking can be dangerous. When cooking, make sure your bird is in one piece in it's cage to foil any accidents and when using non-stick pans make sure the kitchen is well ventilated to foil any fumes from getting your bird. Want to make life for you and your birds even safer? Toss the non-stick pans. . . the fumes aren't good for you either!

Pans, sinks, tubs and toilets full of water might be alluring to your birds, but it doesn't take much water for a bird to drown. Close those toilet lids when your birds are out live and if you both need to bathe. . . take a shower as one and skip the bath.

Non-stick finish isn't the only inhalant that can be precarious to your bird. You ought to never use aerosol sprays in any area where your bird may draw in the fumes. If you must use sprays in rooms the birds reside in, amputate the bird from the area and ventilate. Once the fumes have blank out, then it is safe to come again your bird to the area. Some bird owners have reported illness or deaths when their birds were exposed to fragrant candles, perfumes, hair sprays, and even fragrant lotions! Be aware of the scents you use in your home and watch your bird for any changes in deeds when any of those items are in use.

We all know birds use their beaks to explore and to play. Like puppies and kittens, electrical cords can pose dangers to chewing birds. Never leave a bird unattended in an area where it can chew on cords. Power still runs by means of electrical cords when the item in ask is curved off, so don't think any plugged in cord is safe.

Getting a birds eye view of your home and charming precaution when your feathered acquaintance is out with you is the best way to make home sweet home a bird safe home.

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