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We have a long account with broken animals and even the nay Sayers can't deny their roll in circle past and present.

There is confirmation that as long as 10,000 years ago the Native Americans had disciplined dogs as depicted in early rock paintings. Apparently, the dogs in the painting look remarkably like the Carolina dogs of today.

It has been well familiar that dogs and domestic animals of past have been bred to assist us in a number of ways whether it be pack dog, work horse, huntsman or herder. There is no doubt that they have value and have contributed to association in many ways.

The cat conversely is a very exciting beast indeed. I have yet to see a cat that can herd, or help with the hunt or carry goods on their backs for us. The cat is closely a companion to us, that is if they choose to allow you to be graced with their presence. Most cats still have that biting hunting urge as evidenced by your cats donation of that bird he just trapped or mouse he brings to you. Most cats get fond of to an area that they claim as their own. Some cats get very friendly to the associates who love them but as a broad-spectrum rule I think the cat feels he is the one who rules and he is allowing you to care for him. Still, we love them.

Horses are a exceptional breed and have a tremendous capacity to assist us in ways as only the horse can. Domestic animals have been our mode of moving much longer than our in progress ways of receiving around. They are to me of such beauty, grace, and power and I continually think of them in that way much more than an brute that works for us. They are spectacular.

Dogs but are by far the most cultivated of all animals. They not only help us but they are so genuinely emotionally involved to colonize and their activities are a continual font of pleasure to us. Just look at family or elderly colonize in an old folks home. If a child finds a stray dog they will clearly beg you to allow them to keep the dog. If you take a dog into an old folks home you can see the dog act in response cheerfully about them and the smiles on peoples faces are a joy to see.

I had a Springer Spaniel when I was younger and he was the funniest, most easy- going dog around. He was abnormal in that he had a very elite bond with our guinea pig. We had the best time scrutiny these two at play. It was the same every day. The guinea pig would wait at the entry access and would stay there until the dog noticed. Then the chase was on! The dog would bark and chase him all the way down the hall. The guinea pig at the last close would veer to the left and run into the bedroom and go under the bed. The dog was big and fairly clumsy and would never be able to slow down in time and he'd crash into the wall, get up and then go put his nose under the bed and bark. They would do this four or five times in a row and then curl up all together and sleep. Those two made us laugh. It was great!

We love our animals, as it ought to be. Be kind and take well care of them.

Willie Jones

Willie is a ad hoc writer, researcher, flower designer, and artist. Appreciation very much for conception this far. Entertain come and visit us at: http://www. artinspires. com/for an inspirational poster or two

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