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Why exotic pets be supposed to not be banned - pets


We all know how elite appeal groups can blow clothes out of fraction - like the fictional "Exotic Pet Crisis. " If you listened to some being human rights groups, you'd think custody exotic pets is cruel, dangerous, and even adjoining on treason! Already you buy that agenda, care about that a for children high apprentice once made a compelling case for banning dihydrogen monoxide: colorless, odorless, and tasteless, it kills thousands of citizens every year.

Most deaths are caused by inhalation, but the dangers of dihydrogen monoxide do not end there. Prolonged exposure to its solid form causes brutal bandanna damage. Dihydrogen monoxide is also known as hydroxl acid, is the major element of acid rain, may cause awful burns, contributes to land erosion, may cause electrical failures and decreased effectiveness of sedan brakes, and has been found in excised tumors of depot canker patients.

This arrive was obtainable to 50 students, asking them what ought to be done about the chemical. 43 students no-expense-spared banning it, 6 were undecided, and only one exactly acclaimed that 'dihydrogen monoxide' is essentially H2O -- plain old water. How gullible are you?

Banning my cat makes about as much sense as banning yours - and the fallout are just as affecting for pet and owner. Are you ready for the truth about the "Exotic Pet Crisis?"

  • Exotic pets are not dangerous! One study showed that the risk of injury to exotic cat owners was less than the risk of injury due to a domestic dog bite. And every anyone who drives a motor vehicle subjects themselves and their children to a risk three times larger then does a celebrity who owns even a large exotic cat such as a tiger.

  • Most exotic pet owners are kind, bright associates who adore their animals and take admirable care of them. We love our pets just as you love yours.

  • Exotic bodily bans answer in beloved pets being confiscated, impounded, and commonly killed. A lucky few live out their lives in cages under the care of strangers in zoos and sanctuaries. This is the dirty classified brute constitutional rights groups don't want you to know. Banning does not help animals: it kills them!

  • Exotic cat ownership is before now in harmony by the U. S. Administrative area of Agriculture, the U. S. Branch of Interior, the U. S. Fish and Birds Service, CITES, the Brute Welfare Act, the In danger of extinction Species Act, the Lacey Act, more city, county, and state convention than you can shake a stick at, as well as obtainable bodily welfare and community wellbeing laws that govern both exotic and domestic animals.

  • "You can buy a tiger on the Internet for $100. 00," research-averse activists proclaim in horror. Just try to order up a tiger online, or even a serval. You won't succeed. This urban legend has great repeatability at brew parties and save-the-cute-animals-from-evil-humans fundraisers, but is brutally missing in the actuality department. Breeders do have web sites, but it takes much more than a click of the mouse to acquisition an exotic cat.

For in sequence on wild and exotic cats from servals to tigers as pets, visit http://www. exoticcatz. com. The site includes articles on care, behavior, housing, and legal issues as well as species profiles and photos.

This critique may be reprinted in its entirety only. Consent is not contracted to breed in condensed form or to assist the end of exotic pet ownership.


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