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A heartbreaking experience: building your move easy on your parrots - pets


Moving is about as nerve-racking a time as any in our lives and the lives of our fids. Having just accomplished heartrending the "gang" into a new house, I accepted wisdom I would share some of the belongings that helped our move go smoothly. The feathered crew (Alex and Zeke, African Greys and April, Umbrella Cockatoo) have complete in nicely and clothes returned to average quickly. Granted, the move was to a adjacent city and we were not on the road in the U-Haul for more than an hour, but I have faith in preparing the birds had the whole thing to do with their abridged stress level and efficient transition.

I also want to declare that there is the coolest ceremony for affecting called PODS (Portable On Ask Storage). I had it delivered to my old house the weekend beforehand the definite move. This permissible me to pack up all my non-essentials at my leisure, clear out the house and cut down on the stress and chaos of the genuine affecting day. They took the "POD" away and stored it at their warehouse until the day I scheduled it to be delivered to my new house. I only had to rent a U-Haul for a few left over effects and the bird cages.

Everything but a blanket, pillow, alarm clock, bird equipment and cages (that didn't get into the POD) were packed up in the U-Haul the night beforehand the authentic move. Renting the U-Haul for an extra day was actually worth it! All I had to do on heartrending day was assume up a few things, place the birds in the carriers, load up the cages and away we went to our new home. My "POD" was delivered to my house later that hours of daylight and I had as much time as I required to unload it. It indoors on a Friday and I scheduled the POD call for somebody for the next Tuesday.

The basis I counsel a assistance like PODS is that it relieved so much stress. I was calm, the birds were calm and I could focus on creation them more comfortable as a replacement for of administration about loading belongings up at the last minute. I will never move lacking PODS again - it was that good!

The move in reality took place in a number of stages.

Stage 1 - Keep the Fids Informed

House hunting is all the time both exciting and exhausting. But, when I found a house I exceedingly liked and the offer was accepted, I showed the flyer with the consider of the new house to the fids and told them all about it. I told them how nice it would be for them to have a better room with nice big windows and everything. Yes, I especially did this! They may not appreciate all the words, but they get the fact that a touch is up.

When my old house sold and the official procedure was progressing along nicely, I ongoing packing. I made sure they saw what I was doing and I would talk about the heartrending day and how exciting it would be.

Stage 2 - Get ready the Fids

A few days ahead of the concrete move, I empty out my master bedroom and moved the fids out of their conventional "bird room" and into the master bedroom. It was only diagonally the hall, and not in absolutely unfamiliar surroundings. But, it conveyed the communication to them loud and clear that alter was coming. I made the move in the cock-crow so they would have time to get used to the new room ahead of bedtime.

After their first night in the master bedroom, I introduced the idea of travel. They have all been in carriers at one time or another, but I didn't have three carriers, I only had one. I went and bought a new one and on loan a further to make three. Three days ahead of heartbreaking day, I sited each hauler in front of the cage of the bird that would be using that distinct carrier. I positioned them there all set up and ready to go with the doors open.

After they affirmed at the carriers for a few hours, I took each parrot and located them in the mover briefly. Just long a sufficient amount to close the door, tell them how good they were and take them out again. The next day I kept them in there a barely bit longer, about 5 to 10 action or so. The third day, I sited each into their hauler for about a half an hour. I also pulled out them up in it and walked about the house. All the while illuminating them how good they were and about heartrending day the next morning.

Stage 3 - Heartbreaking Day

I woke up early. We were assumed to appear at our new house at 8 a. m. since the phone company, cable and internet company, etc. were inward that day to set effects up. And you know them, they are so exact on the appointment times, "Sometime amid 8 a. m. and noon" was about as defined as it got. I looked-for my phone and internet hooked up pronto, of course, what's an online parrot amount store going to do not including the online part and a phone?

I talked to the fids for a diminutive bit and told them this was it. Affecting day was here! Then I put them in their carriers and in progress loading up their cages. (They have big cages. ) They all went in their carriers exclusive of a fuss. I put them by the front door so they could watch their cages being burdened and effective them how exciting their new home was going to be. The last thing I did was put them all on the front seat of the U-Haul with me and drove off to our new house.

Along the way, I singled out up my assistant for the day who would help me get their big cages up the steps to the new house. April in point of fact greeted her with a big "Hi!" She wasn't stressing at all! Upon arrival at the new house, the first thing we did was to bring the birds contained by and put them in their new room. Of course, I was conversation to them the whole time. Then, we unloaded cages and one by one they were located inside. I arranged their food and water like I constantly do and tried to keep clothes as average as achievable for them. All that was concluded and the birds absolutely set back up in their cages beforehand no matter which else was done.

Stage 4 - New Digs

I kept equipment as common as likely for them. After a day or two they were cute darn comfortable. That's when I ongoing being a tour guide. Each was given a tour of a altered room. I went from room to room, one a day or a whole house tour. It depended on the bird's comfort level. I made sure to point out the windows to them and have them touch it so they know not to fly into it. Belongings returned to customary briefly and they certainly love their new space!

I exceedingly accept as true that it went so smoothly for the reason that each of the steps equipped them for the next. I was shocked at how abruptly they adjusted to life at the new house. They were even back to conversation surrounded by hours of the move. April even talked IN THE U-HAUL. I hope this has been accommodating to a person making an allowance for a move in the near future!

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