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I am a happy owner of two rat terriers. They are half brother and half sister and other than coat color and size and artless hunting abilities they are not at all alike. The male "Bingo" is bossy and cheeky and ludicrously boisterous. The female "Zoey" is shy and to some extent retiring and loves nil beat than to curl up in your lap and be petted.

I can speak with ability that they are not the dog for everyone. First of all they are not "cuddly" in the sense of a lap dog. They have short hard coats and hard bodies. . . . not a lot of soft fur, that sort of thing. BUT they look at you with their liquid eyes and can melt your heart with the best of the soft cuddly hardly fru fru dogs!

Their coats do shed a lot. . ( I also own large hairy goobery slobbery newfoundland dogs and let me tell you the diminutive rat terriers shed evenly as much AND their hair is short and "sharp" and has a current to stick change for the better on the furniture than the longer hairs of the Newfoundlands.

Rat terriers are categorically a noisy dog. My son, who owns Goldens, is for the short term maintenance my male rat terrier while I am going all the way through a move. He LOVES the fact that Bingo sets up an obnoxious and noisy barking at the least sign of any impostor whether it be human or animal. . . . and yes definitely they do emphatically let you know when there is an "invader" in their territory.

The goldens are nowhere near as noisy and they are prone to wag their tails and greet all and sundry lovingly while Bingo jumps back and forth and maybe even appears threatening with his loud, shrill, continual yapping at a mixture of carriage men and salesmen who be successful and depart. (This is the MALE, the female is simply noisy but wouldn't dream of appearing to in point of fact leap at someone. )

The rat terriers have done more dent to my household than a newfoundland ever did. Both of them are chewers and even with age this has not changed. A album of the "losses":

two arms from two couches. . . . . (stuffing removed)

the sequence cover to my cpu camera ( it is now taped to hold the batteries in place. . . thank goodness for duct tape!)

the apart be in charge of to my TV (the end got chewed off but if you point it JUST RIGHT it will still turn the TV on and off). . .

Various denominations of paper money ranging from one money to a twenty dough bill. . .

One leg of my antique annals table now looks like hash. . .

and the list goes on!

I at first got a "rat terrier" for the reason that I had heard that they were "varmint dogs" and chiefly I was sick of the a small amount four footed "varmints" who seem to common my kitchen every winter. Believe it or not, I truly have not had a mouse in the house since the day I brought home the rat terriers. They may be there but by some means they just don't have the boldness to run crossways the floor any more while I am conversation on the phone or session at the computer. The also get "varmints" in the yard, from squirrels to grinnies to dead birds.

Bingo buries his grinnies and closely digs them up and re-buries them everyplace else if you are examination him. He watches out of the angle of his eye and if you see where he buries it he will look at you suspiciously and dig it back up and run about the back into a corner of the house and find a different spot!

They get along above all with my Newfoundland. Bar the male, he gets all fired up when a new dog comes on the scene and he just has to show his superiority, by getting out and "nailing" the big dog in the face as he sits on the arm of the chair where I am sitting. He shows his protectiveness to the new dog in this manner. I continually hold his mouth shut and tell him NO but he still tries it for numerous weeks until the new dog has complete in and befall a affiliate of the family.

Once the new dog, be it old or young, is established into Bingo's life then he plays endlessly with them, chewing on their legs and before a live audience hide and seek. . the two rat terriers all together can exactly make the newfs dizzy, racing back and forth and about the house at top speed and barking at each other all the while. The Newfs love this entertainment. . I admit it, so do I!

Rat terriers are not for everyone. But if you dont like cats, and you have mice, you might want to give it a try! You get a lot more advantage added in to your life than a cat would give you (I think so anyhow!)

Michael Russell
MgrCentral. com
Established 2001
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