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Media control on communal perception of exotic cat ownership - pets


What makes a little news? The fact that you take good care of your pets isn't newsworthy. Neither is your fresh trip to the supermarket; If amazing is normal, it isn't news. Only aberrations capture our concentration adequate to warrant barrier time. Why is murder reported on the six-o-clock news? As it's unusual; it's a shocking deviation from customary events. But when we are frequently exposed to the abnormal, it begins to seem normal. If we see murder on the news every night, we begin to view it as a conventional occurrence. This biologically leads to fear of lessening victim ourselves, thus we start exchange guns and installing collateral systems. As Gavin de Becker writes, "We're hard-wired to entertain every belief of likelihood that's put in front of us. "

How do you hold the awareness of a inhabitants that just watched a war fought on live television? You start looking for tiger attacks.

Before rushing to judgement on exotic cat owners based on a few denial headlines, we might be wise to accomplish that we only get to read about the horror stories. . . . News stories about accountable colonize and happy animals don't sell.

When judging any group, whether it is a nation, race, religion, profession, or demographic, we must look at the core morals and conduct of that group. When we base our opinions on the well-publicized destructive incidents concerning only a selection of members of that group, we risk getting flawed conclusions.

Just since a variety of persons have betrayed the core ideals of that group does not mean that the whole group ought to be frowned upon. Sadly this happens far too frequently. We live in a world of 30-second news bites and a permanent assault of information. We are kept "informed" of a dizzying array of issues; so many; in fact that it would be difficult for us to truly examination all of the issues we are confronted with. We make thousands of snap judgements, based on news broadcasts, (fictional) scenes in movies, commentary made by strangers in a restaurant or links at work, what happened to the first cousin of a alone of your dad's, that magazine at the dentist's office, and other by the same token dependable sources of information.

Years ago, the viewing civic was treated to a videotaped air of a group of Los Angeles law enforcement officers cruelly beating Rodney King. What this lonely group of officers did provoked a counterattack aligned with the intact law enforcement community, as ancestors reacted by condemning the intact control profession. If associates would have austerely looked at the core ideals of the law enforcement profession, they would have realized that the best part of law enforcement officers would risk their own lives to guard them from the sort of violence portrayed on that tape. Of choice there are some thugs, some thieves, and some murderers in that group. With the large add up to of officers in this kingdom how could there not be? The air led many citizens to disbelief the law enforcement executive next door, judging an intact group consisting of hundreds of thousands of citizens by one definite incident.

We also need to take a hard look at the precision of the in rank we are basing our judgements on. Let's turn to Rodney King again. The clash was jammed on capture and you watched it with your own eyes. Can't ask for more dependable in rank than that, can you? Well, did you know that the tape you saw was edited? That shots viewing King fighting the officers and of the officers' frantic information to King to stop fighting were cut from the tape?

Today, that infamous video is shown in law exercise course for two reasons; to show bad law work, and to point out the destruction that can be done when a big shot only wants to show part of the story.

On April 29, 2003 Environmental News Benefit reported that nine tiger and two leopard cubs were rescued from a classified home where carcasses of some 30 tigers and 58 cubs were found. This lead to the arrests of the operators of the California nonprofit company Tiger Rescue. The condition speech marks Michael Markarian, Leader of The Fund for Animals: "The difficulty of these babies demonstrates why citizens who care about animals must prohibit the exotic pet activity as well as business-related being displays that often pass themselves off as sanctuaries. " He also states: "Congress can save young tigers and leopards from this cruel fate by death the Exotic Pets Bill. "

Click here to read the article.

Heart-wrenching, isn't it? What this commentary and others like it futile to allusion is that California is one of the most brutally in harmony states in the country. Concealed ownership of all exotic pets is banned. Sanctuaries must comply with an broad badge process. Far from proving the need for legislation, this sad episode highlights the utter breakdown of ban laws to avoid cruelty.

The Tiger Rescue asylum operators allegedly botched to gain mandatory permits and dishonored being cruelty laws. If laws are the answer, why did this happen? If atrocities like this can occur in a state so a lot keeping up that one cannot with permission own even a ferret, what is the rationalization for barring answerable exotic pet ownership? The Fund for Animals' use of this episode to tug at people's emotions and give the wrong impression about them into underneath destructive legislation is contemptible manipulation. We need to enforce our being cruelty laws, not ban loving and law-abiding citizens from owning animals.

This condition is printed and copyrighted by Jessi Clark-White. Acquiescence is contracted to reprint this critique in its entirety only; you may not ceremony abridged versions.

For more in a row on the accountable ownership of wild and exotic cats, visit my website http://www. exoticcatz. com


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