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Brings live to your commune tanks

Many freshwater fish-keepers have a warm spot in their heart for a a small amount fish with a big name, the 1 ½-inch hemigrammus erythrozonus? or mush easier to say, the glowlight tetra. Like its hardly cousin, the neon tetra, the glowlight is an easy fish to keep in a cooperation tank. In fact, many neon keepers, tired of battling neon disease, move towards the glowlight tetra.

The glowlight tetra is light peach in color with a horizontal red-gold band that spans the duration of its body. Originating in Guyana, South America, the glowlight does well in a fresh water tank of a little acid but peat-softened water that is kept amid 74F and 82F. Glowlight tetras in general concern the bed third of the tank, bar for feeding time when they will swim to the top.

The male glowlight tetra is more slight bodied than his mate, even though it may be arduous to tell them apart until the female is full of eggs. Glowlight tetras are easier to breed than many other tetras like the neon and the chief tetra. However, given that them with a soft water atmosphere is a crucial dynamic for breeding. In fact, when breeding glowlight tetras, it may help to erect a elite breeding tank. After your females have laid their eggs, you will need to delete adult fish from the tank until the fry hatch since glowlights have been known to eat their own eggs. Glowlights scatter their eggs among fine-leaved live plants. Clean, fresh water and live foods can egg on breeding. However, when varying water, be assiduous that you don't confiscate so much that it causes your tank to recycle.

Like many tetras, the glowlight tetra is a coaching fish and prefers to swim in the circle of at least seven of its peers. A further conventional characteristic of many tetras is sensitivity to brainy light. Lighting in a glowlight tetra aquarium be supposed to be filtered. This is by far achieved with aquarium plants. False plants will be enough (unless you be determined to breed your fish), but the glowlight tetra finds that real plants are a care along with its usual fare of stifling flake food, tubifex worms, and brine shrimp.

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