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Giving your dog a bath is important, but not as decisive as most colonize seem to believe. If your dog is healthy, he certainly doesn't need to be inundated more that once every few months, but most of us put them in the tub or under the hose more often to get rid of that doggie smell and look shinier. Even though most dogs do not enjoy receiving a bath, it is a good bonding experience. They will be glad about the commerce and interest they get from their owner.

This is also an first-rate time to do some other compulsory "maintenance" tasks that we often not recall about, such as ear cleaning, combing their teeth, and glance for fleas and ticks. It is much easier to do all these belongings at once since most dogs don't enjoy meeting all the way through these tricks for very long.

Let's go into additional assign about these maintenance tasks to make sure your dog stays beneficial and happy for a long time.

To clean your dog's ears, check your local pet store for exceptional solutions calculated exclusively for this purpose. It is conventional for dogs to catch the attention of ear mites, which are small insects that live in the waxy secretions. As time goes by, the mite gets superior and you will start to become aware of a dirty black substance in your dog's ear. Take a q-tip, dip it in the ear cleaning solution, and gently swab the full ear. Your dog might squirm, but hold him down, since it won't take long. And when you're done, he'll have clean ears and be much less expected to get earaches or infections.

One of the most overlooked maintenance tasks is blow-dry your dog's teeth. Many dog owners only do this once or twice per year. Can you conceive of how gross your mouth would feel if you didn't brush for six months? Your dog feels the same way. It's never too late to start doing this. You will need a elite toothbrush and toothpaste calculated for dogs. These are by a long shot found in any pet store for under ten dollars. Be a selection of to brush the back teeth, and use small circular motions like your dentist used to tell you to do. This task will be easier than the ear cleaning, as the dog toothpaste is made to taste good. Your dog ought to enjoy the treat.

The last thing to check for is fleas and ticks. Ticks are nasty diminutive bugs that dig themselves into your dog's skin and live by sucking their blood. Be chiefly alert if you live near woody areas where ticks are most common. However, no be of importance where you live, check for ticks often, as they carry quite a few detrimental diseases. Ticks are the convey approach of Lyme Disease, which will leisurely annihilate your dog's joints and suck out all his energy. Many dogs with Lyme Disease are in such pain that they need to be put down. So check often! Pay distinctive awareness to the most customary beating areas, which are under the collar or along the underbelly. If you find one, cleanly pull it off with tweezers.

Fleas aren't as potentially destructive as ticks, but they are much more of a nuisance. If you don't catch them abruptly enough, your other pets can catch them, your kids can catch them, and you might have to get your home fumigated. You can find them under the fur, in the same sitting room where ticks hang out. If you see a small amount clothes that look like specks of pepper, those are flea droppings. The definite flea will be dark in color and about the size of a grain of rice. If you do find one, call your local vet's bureau and ask about flea treatments.

Eric Shannon is a ad hoc creator who also publishes the Dog Lovers Report, which is a biweekly newsletter with a very large readership. He also runs Beds For Doggies, which carries a large collection of Dog Beds, Dog Couches, and Dog Furniture.

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