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Do you own a horse? If so, then you have questions about the care, feeding, shoeing, cost, etc. of horse ownership. The least deprivation of owning a horse, is the genuine purchase. Once you have bought your horse, then your expenses begin: shoeing, de-worming, vaccinations, training, boarding, etc.

Horse Exercise Tip: Timing

Say you're demanding to teach your horse to give to the bit.

When he gives you must instantaneously delivery the pressure. There are times I've seen colonize keep pulling on the reins "after" the horse gave to the pressure. No release, no learning.

The catch with that is the horse doesn't learn that he'll get a release. So if you keep pulling, there is no timing, there is no release, and you end up with garbage. Soon, the horse may fight you for control.

If he gets no release, then why comply. It is the delivery that teaches!

Timing is everything.

Currently I am instruction my mare with the Parelli methods of Horse-Man-Ship. I have seen the Parelli's in person, and just inspection them, gives me goose bumps since of the love, expression and leadership that I witnessed with my eyes. It was incredible. I want that kind of connection with my mare, and I am doing the lot achievable to attain this goal.

Visit the website to find out more advantageous in sequence and tips on horese care and horse training. I will be putting the similes of the 7 Games here soon.

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