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What rabbit noises mean - pets


a) Growling

If your rabbit growls or grunts at you, she is upset with a bit and doubtless a little is bothering her. Maybe she's angry that you're poking your hand into her cage, and she doesn't want you in her territory. Growling can be a sign of anger, fear, uncertainty and stress. You ought to get to know your bunny change for the better and be au fait with what her assorted growls mean.

b) Screaming

This is not the thing that you want to hear from your bunny. A bunny scream is customarily a bad news. By and large signifies your bunny is each hurt or dying. You'll want to get her help immediately.

c) Crying

Bunny cry is interpreted much as you would be au fait with the same noise in puppies or people. A bunny do so by thrashing their back feet or whimper.

d) Licking

If your bunny licks your face or your hands,be happy. She's decisive you "I love you!"

e) Flopping

Your bunny is on top of the world. She is a very happy bunny.

f) Binkying

You categorically got one happy bunny alive with you.

g) Thumping

Your bunny will thump her back legs for a add up to of reasons as well as fear, anger and admonition you to jeopardy lurking.

h) Chinning

Your bunny is rasping her chin all over the chairs to mark her territory. She's saying, "hey, this is mine. "

Best regards,
Amanda Gates
www. geocities. com/rabbitcare_lover

I am Amanda Gates and I have been a rabbit lover since young! In my eyes, rabbits are austerely lovely, sweet, cute, soft and gentle. It is my hobby to care for my rabbits and I spend most of my free time doing research, collecting rabbit's delightful films and analysis lots of books about rabbits. Currently, I have two rabbits, a Florida White and a Polish, named Barbie and Ken. My rabbits have been with me for more than 3 years and they are so cute! Both of them are part of my life and bring joy to me.


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