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Cat arthritis is not a very conventional complaint among good for your health cats. Most arthritis found in cats is from an bump that has made the bones or joints weak. Arthritis is an irritation of the joints and there is more than one type of arthritis that can distress your cat.

Cats customarily bear with two atypical types of arthritis. The first one being distressing arthritis, this is brought on by an injury. It could have been a fight with an added bodily or even being hit by a car. Osteoarthritis is when a joint just quits functioning as it should be and new bone is emergent about the joint. Many older cats have this type of arthritis and can be brought on from copious accidents counting dislocations of their joints or even fractures.

Traumatic arthritis does not customarily last but can be very painful, if it is more or less a sprain. But, if it involves a break then the pain can last a longer time and may even need surgery to heal the crack or dislocation.

As in the case of Osteoarthritis the pain is critical and your cat will need some relief from the pain. If your cat is heavy the pain can even be more severe.

Talk with your veterinarian if you do consider that your cat does have a type of cat arthritis. Your cat will enjoy life more and be able to chase those mice again if conduct is regular. It is no fun to play and jump and be a cat when they are in critical pain. The longer your cat sits about in pain the stiffer the joints will become. The pain will then add to with every step they take. Be sure to get the conduct your cat needs so they can enjoy life once again.

Niall Kennedy
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