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Dear Fellow Dog Lover,

I begin to have you love your dog, or you maybe wouldn't be comprehension this. But, looking at your "battle-field" of a yard crammed with holes every so often makes it tough to love your dog like you want to. You look out the window, and there he is digging like crazy, for no noticeable reason. As if there is a touch obscured there that he HAS to have right now! My Border Collie used to drive me nuts!

So, I ongoing inspection around. Occupation every dog authority I could find frustrating find a celebrity who knew the answers. Then, Bingo! I found a teacher in who essentially had some ideas.

He said most dogs don't dig for no reason. They smell something that maneuverings them and compells them to dig. It could be many things. From moles to mold.

In my case it was mold from an old crumbling tree stump just under the surface. "Buster" had dug a virtual "foxhole" about the area.

Here's what I discovered. First, there are some business-related food you can by like "Keep Off" and "Repell" and I had some accomplishment with them. But, they soon loose their effect. Also they cleanly wear off, or get washed away by rain, etc. But the attraction to dig remains.

Here's what I did that in reality broke Buster forever!

The instructor who after all helped told me to put Busters stool in the holes. I said "will that exceedingly work?" And he said "Well, but for your dog likes digging in s---. " I grabbed my dig and everytime I cleaned up after Buster's "business" I put the stool in the hole. It worked approximately immediately. Everytime Buster dug a new hole, I ongoing contents it with poop. Inside a week Buster gave up and quit digging.

So, since you need to clean your yard anyway, you might give it try. Get a combine bags of top soil, put in the poop, fill with the soil and plant some grass seed. Soon you'll have your yard looking like a yard again.

I hope I have been of some help. If you have any questions or comments, entertain don't hesitate to email me at jennasgifts@cinci. rr. com

Wishing you and your dog happiness always,

Janet Combs

If you would like to learn more about exercise and caring for your Bichon Frise go to http://www. combsinfo. com


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