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Aquarium food part 1 -- my first come into contact with with bettas - pets


Keeping fish as pets takes more than just feeding them and shifting the water every once in a while. Sadly, many citizens aren't aware of that and they just buy aquarium fish as they're attractive. After a short while the fish start to get sick and die one after the other, and the newbie would lose appeal in the hobby and give it up all together.

Basic awareness of fish keeping, as one with the right aquarium supplies, is crucial to the business and endurance of your fish. It's critical to avow the optimum active situation for your fish and other alive belongings you may have in your aquarium if you are to enjoy them for a long time.

To illustrate this, I shall share with you my own experiences when I got happening with this hobby for the very first time as a child. The first encounter was with bettas and the be with with goldfish; two altered kinds of fish with atypical requirements.

My first pet fish were a pair of bettas (a male and a female) which my mom bought me as she knew that I liked fish and felt sorry for me for the reason that a toy fish was all I had.

We put the bettas in a small false jar with a hanging live plant. The male was aggressive. He endlessly chased after the female and attacked her until she was full of bruises. One night, administration out of place to hide, the female desperately jumped out of the water onto the floor. Opportunely I was adjacent and was able to save her.

My mom then not compulsory that we break free the fish. So we put the female in a atypical jar. However, I felt that the female was lonely. So one day I asked my mom if I could buy a new fish. There was a exquisite green male betta that I absolute to buy.

At that time I didn't know that bettas were fighting fish and that the males would fight with each other. So at first I absolute to put the new male in the same container as the first male. I knew the first male was aggressive and I just wondered how he would react about a new male.

To my astonishment the two males fought with each other and there was no sign that they would stop. After a while I got worried. I didn't want any of them to die so I at length separated them and put the new male all together with the female, and to my amiable alarm they got along cute well.

However, that hardly jar was kind of small for a pair of fish even though they got along. So, we categorical to move the fish to a much better artificial container. Later I added a connect more females so that it became sort of a betta convergence tank.

Being fascinated by the beauty of the male bettas, I bought a connect more and put each in characteristic jars. I fed them dried food and infrequently bread. However, I fed them too much. The water would develop into churned up fast from fish waste and uneaten food. So, I absolutely misrepresented the water every other day. I would fill up the jar with new water right from the tap.

As you might guess, the fish didn't last very long. After only a few months they ongoing to get sick and in the end one after the other died.

Dirty water, natural new water, changeable water temperatures, and disturbance from being moved habitually at some stage in water changes were some of the factors that contributed to the fish's low resistance to diseases.

Although it's conventional to keep bettas in moderately small containers exclusive of aeration, it would be much change for the better to put them in a tank of at least 2 gallons, and you would still need to comment a variety of basic belongings such as not feeding them too much and location aside new water to equilibrate the hotness and delete chorine prior to water changes.

I was only about 10 years old at the time and didn't know something about fish keeping. Neither did my mom. Also, back then there were very few books about aquarium fish and the aquarium materials were not as clever as they are today.

Today, there are a lot of good books and magazines as well as web sites about fish aquariums. So, if you're critical about captivating up this hobby, you must start by analysis a few of them and gain the basic data ahead of you even buy your aquarium and fish.

In the next clause you will learn what happened when I tried to keep some goldfish, also with very hardly knowledge. In the mean time I bid you to visit my web site (see below) to learn more about aquarium fish keeping.

About the author:

Jonathan Wangsa is the webmaster of All About Aquarium Supplies. There you can find capital and in a row about aquarium goods and other aquarium correlated topics. Whether you're an knowledgeable or a newbie, you can also share your own experiences.

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