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When Lucky was opening to show signs of aging, we were anxious about her comfort. She would have a hard time being paid up in the morning. Her legs would shake and she would take five minutes just to get up, where once she could pounce up in a second.

Her hips were especially thin and her muscle mass was decreasing rapidly.

What we found out was that we could help her by receiving an orthopedic dog bed. The sad part is, we maybe could have helped her avoid this by receiving it for her when she was younger.

See, dogs can build calluses and arthritis from laying on hard floors or rocks in the ground.

Naturally we did what we could to make her more comfortable at some point in her last days.

That dog was a mighty inspiration in her time, and it was so hard to see her decline like this.

Now, all five of our dogs have warm dog beds to keep them comfortable, warm, and most importantly, healthier.

Tina Spriggs
Editor of Dog Lovers Newsletter
http://www. dog-gifts-and-toys-for-dog-lovers. com


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