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I am a dog lover by nature. I have just always loved the diminutive four legged fur balls.

Another thing I have constantly loved is being art. It could be photographs, paintings, statues or even dog cartoons.

I don't actually know why I like them, but I do. I've noticed there are a lot of other beast art lovers out there too. It seems to be a biological connection.

People with brood often have a ton of films of thier children. Colonize with pets are not that different. They see the beauty in animals and want to have it to look at.

So how can we take this comprehension and turn it into a great gift idea? Well, there are a few altered things that come to mind here.

One I like is receiving a great adventure of the dog you love and converting it to a black and white picture, then framing it and putting an message on the frame.

Now this can be done from you to the pet owner, on behalf of the dog, with a bit like. "John, I'll always be your loyal friend. Love, Rocky. "

Or if it's for you, you could put a touch like, "This is my faithful watch dog, Bessie. "

Or, if you have lost your beloved companion, as we did last year, you could write a little like, "In loving memory of Lucky. The best bird dog a guy could have. "

In each instance, you could absolutely put whatever you think suits the receiver best, those are just some examples.

Our darling adventure is of our late but delightful yellow Labrador, Lucky. She was out in the field with my husband one day and had been penetrating and searching for a mallard lost in the tules.

When my companion was ready to give up and call her back, she brought in one of the prettiest birds you ever saw, and she was so proud. The picture was snapped and now is evermore entangled in the most appropriate frame: A ironstone china model with a yellow dog chasing some fleeting mallards.

Go get 'em, Lucky.

Tina Spriggs

http://www. dog-gifts-and-toys-for-dog-lovers. com

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