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Is your dog a gentleman or lady? If so, you may be able to get an award to prove it from the American Kennel Club (AKC) all the way through its Canine Good City dweller Program.

This documentation course is for all dogs, whether pedigree or mutt. Any dog who has completed his vaccinations can be tested, and there is no upper age limit.

Ten behaviors are tested:

1. Accommodating a forthcoming stranger

2. Session courteously for petting

3. Charter a big cheese brush and groom him

4. On foot on a loose leash

5. Under your own steam all the way through a crowd

6. Staying in place (sit and down)

7. Advent when called

8. Reacting to a new dog

9. Reacting to distractions

10. Being separated from owner for 3-minutes.

If your dog can't pass these, you need to initiate a education program. These are the social skills essential for breathing with humans in urban America.

The tests are done at dog shows, community colleges and concealed education facilities. The AKC charges $5 for the certificate (if you pass) and some organizations accusation a nominal amount for the test ($10).

To find a location, go the AKC website at

I'm really, actually cheering you to take advantage of this program.

You owe it to your dog to confirm that he can continue to exist in an urban backdrop and that he remains adoptable by a big shot else if something crop up to you. Not all and sundry would put up with a nippy, barking, high-strung dog who thinks he's the king of household.

Your contribution also encourages the AKC to go on this program. It's been about since 1989 but hasn't been given away the way it should.

The AKC raises more than $50M a year from registration fees and does a lot of great work for purebreds.

The Canine Good Civilian is a way for them to help all dogs and dog owners no matter what they're backdrop - amazing not all AKC members support.

More chipping in will make sure funding continues and the AKC expands the program.

We're also hopeful that cover companies and landlords will start patient the certificates and benevolent homeowners or renters a break on cover rates or destruction deposits.

With the amplify in "dangerous breed" laws and rising homeowners assurance rates when you have a dog, it's crucial for all our dogs to be good citizens and respected members of the community.

Louise Louis is a long-time dog person and initiator of http://www. ToyBreeds. com

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