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Some Dogs like Boxers unfortunately, are prone to quite a few aptitude healthiness evils such as:

- Skin allergy

- Food allergy

- Cancer

- Hip dysphasia

- Bloat

- Heart ailments

- Hypothyroidism

- Fleas

- Worms

Knowing what they are will help you to change for the better examine your pet's healthiness and to bring together the applicable information, in case of an illness, that would assist your veterinarian to administer the acceptable diagnosis and treatment. Below are some conventional afflictions of Boxers.

Alapechia (Lost of hair on the trunk)

Seems to be more communal in male Boxers.

One, which died at the age of 12 years and 4 months, was diagnosed with recurring alopecia. "He used to go bald once a year but the hair all the time grew back on," said its owner.


Gastric torsion or GDV or bloat in your Boxer can be life threatening so bring him to the veterinarian immediately.

The stomach gets packed with air and twisting and this can come to pass suddenly. The symptoms add in restlessness, drooling and sickness and the stomach is distended (distended abdomen). Your Boxer may vomit and carry on to retch but naught would come out.

Cancerous and compassionate tumors

Boxers are amply prone to cancer.

So any time you see a bump on your Boxer, you be supposed to check it out. About 20 out of 100 cases are cancerous.

Watch out for both exterior and domestic lumps, eye ulcers or crimson eye as they called it, as well as dermodicosis or skin sores.

Mast cell tumors are evil and they do not occur very often but can form any in the skin or in the body.

The connected disorders reported along such tumors are round raised ample in the skin of your Boxer, lack of appetite, queasiness and abdominal pain. Check for tarry stools due to flow of blood in the upper intestinal tract.

Boxers of any age can arise mast cell tumor but older ones, above 8 years, are more prone to it.

Never take tumors in your Boxers lightly, even a small one! The veterinarian would as a rule have them disinterested as soon as since of their high openness to cancer.

One owner noticed her Boxer had a bump the size of a leech bite that did not go away even after 10 days. The vet diagnosed it a malevolent tumor and distant it the very next day. The owner felt so relieved that the tumor was aloof beforehand the canker had a attempt to spread.

Another owner found both his Boxer girls had lumps and had it tartan out immediately. The vet aloof the lumps due to their breed and the Boxers were all fine now!

Yet a further owner was not so lucky.

"I have had the pleasure of raising two great Boxers but both conceded away much too young of cancer. The last one, Nick, died one week after being diagnosed with anal cancer. It broaden hastily and he was only 7 years old!"

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