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Last summer, we added a new pet to our category - our cat, Ally. She was a sweet, shorthaired, stray kitten that we selected up from a neighbor's house. Ally had one conundrum despite the fact that - fleas. She was finally infected with them, which in turn, infected our home with them.

We tried the lot to get rid of those pesky blood-suckers, counting flea collars, enclosed foggers, and dip her with flea shampoo. And all knows how much cats hate water! Nonentity that we tried worked. Just when we attention we were rid of them, more would hatch.

We even measured putting Ally back outside, but we choose to try one more thing ahead of resorting to such far-reaching measures.

We took her to the vet, where we were provided with more helpful flea foggers and a flea spray for our home called Siphotrol Plus II. We used these to kill the fleas in our house while Ally was at the vet in receipt of a flea dip. They also treated her with Frontline Plus, which was useful to the back of her neck. Our trip to the vet wound up price about $150, but it was worth it. We were rid of the fleas, and we were able to keep Ally in the house.

We were instructed to reapply the Frontline Plus monthly, however, we found an added creation at our local Co-op that is much cheaper than Frontline Plus and seems to work well so far. It is called Flea Halt! and is made by Farnam Pet Products.

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