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Peeing on the carpet, knocking you down, or stealing dinner off the argue against are all signs that your dog doesn't accept your rules. In other words, you are not the Alpha Dog.

If you ever want to have a peaceful and happy relationship with your dog, you need to learn how to be converted into top dog.

It's not just a silly phrase. Dogs have a heirarchial ranking system. In clean reality, the only two ranks you need to know of are top dog , and not top dog. . . . The Ruler, and the Rule Follower. As you would expect you don't want to be jammed in the trap of being branch of learning to your dog.

You want your dog to accept you and obey you. Don't confuse the two. A dog may obey you out of fear, but not acknowledge you. That is a dodgy circumstances to be in. Have you ever seen the movie Iron Will? If not, watch it. It gives some great insight.

There's a dog sled driver who beats his dogs into submission and treats them terribly. They answer to his beatings and he has a captivating team, but at the first sign of weakness, they turn on him and. . . well it wasn't pretty.

Of avenue that's a adaptation and worse case scenario. Frankly, I think everybody who beats dogs has it coming. It's just not basic to rule with an iron fist.

Most dogs are approachable to attitudes that are as basic and original as fighting, but are much less violent.

For example, easily charitable orders and being consistent goes a long way. If your dog is constantly made aware of what is and what is not acceptable, you will have a greater chance of success.

When your dog disobeys, scold him and send him to his quarters- whether it be a dog bed, a kennel, going beyond or just a specific place in the house.

Don't allow him to beg for food. Doing this gives him the impression that it's okay to whine to get what he wants.

It's not.

If and when a dog ought to bite you, and you have had this dog and don't consider him to be wild or sick, then you have to take battle to make certain he knows that it will not be accepted. (If there is any sign of incomprehension of your dog at this time, call a vet. Dogs can bite if they are sick, hurt or scared. You ought to seek authority advice. )

Appropriate act would not be to scold or hit the dog but rather to grab his head firmly, not in anger or rage but in calm control, and bite him on the ear. Don't try to break the skin or exceedingly hurt the dog. You are just assembly a point here that you are the guide and he needs to abide by you.

It is also decidedly suggested that you train your dog to walk with you on a leash, at your heel level. This puts the dog in an committed dutiful role on a consistent basis and helps you to enforce that you are the boss.

I would advise being paid a book or exercise video to get more minutiae on the topic, or do research dog forums for advice from other owners who fancy to train themselves and not send their dogs to deference school.

Remember that if you want to be the top dog, you have to take control. Leadership is chief in a dog's life. You are the one who gets to decide who that boss is.

About the Author:
Tina Spriggs is an knowledgeable dog lover whose all-time activity in canines provides the motivation for her site. To learn more about dogs or to find gifts and toys for them visit her site at Dog Gifts and Toys for Dog Lovers.

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