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Parachromis Managuense

Parachromis managuense has a bad reputation, just like many of the other large voracious cichlids. This reputation is basically undeserved, and besides, the affirmative sides of these fishes more than make up for any damaging ones.

Unusual Breeding Behaviour in Wild Fixed Archocentrus Sajica

I would like to write a few words about my experiences breeding wild trapped Archocentrus sajica and a astonish that these fish gave me - a amaze that shows the fascinating and diverse behaviour of these animals.I got a pair of wild-caught sajicas from a associate who had calm them on a trip.

GPS Pet Tracking

If you have a dog or cat that is an avoid artiste with cross-country pass through on its mind, you might want to care about a GPS pet--tracking device. The same equipment that enables rangers to adhere to tagged animals will allow an owner track straying or lost pets.

PH Levels in The Discus Tank

Because it is imperative that discus fish have optimal water conditions, much has been printed about this subject, This is the plan put in place to assure accurate PH water levels in our hatchery.Allnut Enterprises' breeder, Nick Lockhart of Noblesville, Indiana, has many ingenious ideas as to how to accomplish belongings in the hatchery.

Essential Oils and Our Pets

Before we talk about using the chief oils, we first ought to characterize what is an critical oil in the first place.An chief oil is a bioavailable nutritive liquid.

Raw Feed? Are You Joking?

Let's think about this for a minute: God did not conceive our animals to eat pre-packaged, kibble or pellet-like food. In the wild, dogs don't tell each other, "Hey, I'm hungry, let's go to the pet food store and grab us some lunch.

Protecting Your Child from a Dog Bite

Dogs make great loyal pets and are at all times happy to see their owner; they are loving and have their own clear personalities. However, every brute has the ability to be converted into aggressive.

Tips For Import a Horse Online

More and more folks are looking to the Internet to find their next cat, dog or horse. While this offers a handy blend and broader medley exterior of ones locality, it can be filled with unseen expenses and budding heartache.

Dog Instruction Book - Why Buy One? When All is Free Online!

I'm a dog lover who believes that every dog owners must train their dogs if they truly love and care for them. For the reason that I consider that dog guidance gives dogs a happier and recovered life.

No More Stillborn Kittens - Know How To Care For A Pregnant Cat

'I named all kittens, while they were all stillborn.' 'My pregnant cat has a bloody vaginal discharge.

Basic Discus Fish Care

Are you belief about receiving some discus then and want to know a barely about them. Have you been to the aquatics and seen some lovely colourful discus in there show tanks.

A Character reference Guide for Symphysodon Aequifasciatus (Discus)

This is broad-spectrum in order on Discus, a component of the category Cichlidae. While absolutely not a absolute good word guide, it will give those attracted some backdrop in sequence on this exotic fish.

Care for Your Dogs Ears

I have had Goldens and Black Labs for many years, and they are well known for ear conditions. But remember, no be relevant how able you are in caring for your dog's ears, critical circumstances may still arise.

Filtration Methods For The Discus Tank

Good filtration is the prime priority in the discus tank. Basically, there are three types of filtration - mechanical, substance and biological.

Tank Food For Discus Fish

For Discus fish, there are 2 contemplation in tanks - tank depth and volume. Since of their size and swimming habits, a least of 18" is desired for tank depth, the deeper the better.

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